Early Voting Begins In Wyoming, Absentee Ballots Available In Every County

Sep 24, 2020

Credit JoyPixels via Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Election day is still more than a month away, but voting has already started in Wyoming.

State residents can vote by mail or in-person ahead of election day by requesting a ballot from their local county clerk.

The rules around absentee voting have not explicitly changed, but it could be a more attractive option this year, given health recommendations to avoid public places and close contact whenever possible.

Secretary of State Ed Buchanan said Wyomingites should feel safe to exercise their right to vote.

"If they experienced symptoms of COVID-19 or they just feel like they would rather not venture out in public, then of course they can utilize an absentee voting method," he said. "So you might see a slight increase this year," he said.

Polls will still be open on election day for those wishing to vote the more traditional way. Buchanan said each county is taking extra precautions to ensure that that method of voting is safe as well.

Nationally, many have expressed concern about not having a clear victor in the presidential race on election night…with so many absentee ballots to consider, the tally could take longer than usual.

But Buchanan said that probably won't be an issue here.

"I think people will wake up on Nov. 4 and know the results of elections across the ballot," he said. "Wyoming has kind of gotten it right. I mean, people don't wait until the last minute."

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