Drive-Up Spay And Neuter Clinic To Be Held On The Wind River Reservation

May 3, 2021

Animal Adoption Center in Jackson
Credit Animal Adoption Center in Jackson

A spay and neuter clinic will be held May 7 and 8 at the Arapaho School gym. Dog bites from feral dogs have been increasing over the last few years. A way to get ahead of the problem is fewer litters of puppies.

Carrie Boynton with the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson helped put together the clinic. In past years, the center also provided dog food and meals for their owners but this year is different.

"We are not going to have other people in the building. Normally we bring dog food and people food," said Boynton. "Just as a safety precaution to keep people safe."

Because of the lack of clinics last year Boynton said she is concerned that there will be an uptick in stray dogs in the state.

Mass clinics on the reservation usually happen two to four times a year.

"So, last year due to COVID we were not able to host the large clinics in the fashion that we usually do. Clinics usually help 200 animals each time," she said.

The clinic is drive up and will be first come first serve opening its doors at 8:30 a.m.