December 7th, 2012

Credit Willow Belden

Converse County oil boom draws concerns from residents
In October, we reported that Chesapeake Energy had drilled a series of oil wells near Douglas, very close to people’s houses. Chesapeake says the area will likely continue to be a core drilling region. That has some area residents uneasy. Wyoming Public Radio’s Willow Belden reports.

Legislators consider raising the gas tax
In the last several years, states have received fewer federal dollars for highways.  During the energy boom the legislature made up for the shortfall by providing periodic funding for construction and maintenance.  But the Wyoming Department of Transportation wants long term and stable funding.  After spending the summer looking at the issue, a legislative committee could only agree on one substantial plan, a ten cent increase in the state gas tax.  Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck has more.

A conversation with Mead on proposed budget, Medicaid decision
Last week, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead released his proposed budget and he will present that budget to the legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee on Monday.  The budget features some cuts and a couple of policy decisions.  The Governor joins us now.

Wyoming law makers want to phase out the Wind Production Tax Credit
Wyoming Republicans in Washington are advocating for phasing out the Wind Production Tax Credit, which has helped give the state a robust energy portfolio. Matt Laslo reports on the future of the tax credit in the near and long term.

UW Researchers study effects of sage grouse core areas on other species
The Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit is getting started with a new study about sage grouse core areas. Matt Kauffman heads the group, and he joins us now to talk about the study. Matt, tell us what you’re trying to find out.

Wyoming archaeologist looks to Mongolia for clues about ancient local nomads
A Wyoming Archaeologist’s work in Mongolia is shedding new light on the prehistoric people of the Rocky Mountains. Wyoming Public Radio’s Sara Hossaini reports.

Author Steve Horn talked about his book “Another Man’s Life”
We’re joined now by author Steve Horn. He lives between Laramie and Cheyenne, and earlier this year he published a novel called “Another Man’s Life.” The book tells the story of a Vietnam veteran from Wyoming after he returns home from the war. So Steve, without giving too much away, tell us about the story.

Sue Castaneda discusses her new book about Cheyenne’s Hitching Post Inn
“The Hitching Post Inn: Wyoming’s Second Capital” is the story about an iconic hotel in Cheyenne that was home to legislators, lobbyists and others over the years.  That includes big name entertainers.  The main portion of the facility burned to the ground in 2010.  Sue Castaneda is the author and she says it was more than just a hotel.

UPSTARTS: Custom rifle maker builds luxury firearms, rides out the Recession
Now we’ll play the first installation of a segment we’re calling “Upstarts”. It’s an occasional series where we profile Wyoming entrepreneurs and explore what makes them – and their businesses – tick. Wyoming Public Radio’s Rebecca Martinez spoke with 38-year-old Nathan Heineke, owner of N.L. Heineke Incorporated, where he designs and builds upscale custom hunting rifles in Laramie. He started his business eight years ago, and business is good but, he says it could be a while before he starts to see a profit.