December 2nd, 2016

Dec 2, 2016

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GOP Politicians Won't Keep The Sage Grouse From Listing

Wyoming Republicans were dealt a setback in their efforts to keep sage grouse off the federal endangered species list. Correspondent Matt Laslo has the story from Washington. 


Dakota Access Protest Camp Faces Winter And Evacuation Orders

President-elect Donald Trump indicated for the first time on Thursday that he supports completion of the Dakota Access pipeline. Protesters have been camped out at the construction site in North Dakota for months, and now winter has arrived, dumping almost two feet of snow on the encampment this past week. The two-day deluge drove out some of the fairer-weather protesters, but most are gearing up to stay. All are waiting to see what happens on Monday, the deadline set by the Army Corps of Engineers for protesters to leave federal land. For Inside Energy, Nicky Ouellet reports.


Right Leaning Activist Groups Are Having An Impact On The Legislature

Over the last several years a number of right leaning activist groups have gotten themselves heavily involved in Republican politics in the state. WyWatch was a group that pushed anti-abortion and family value legislation and Wyoming Gun Owners pushed for expanded gun rights. But the group with perhaps the biggest impact is the Wyoming Liberty Group. Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck says the group has recently taken some heat and vows to go back to its roots.


A Public Land Transfer Gone Wrong: A Wyoming Historian Tells A Cautionary Tale

In recent years, more and more bills have been introduced in Wyoming’s legislature that would transfer the management of federal public lands into the state control. It’s not the first time the idea has been attempted though. Back in the 1950’s, a national monument was handed over to the city of Cody. Melodie Edwards chatted with Buffalo Bill Museum curator Jeremy Johnston about why the Shoshone Caverns monument ultimately ended up back in federal hands. Johnston starts the story with how the caves were discovered.


BLM Caught In Middle Of Wild Horse Conflicts

In the Checkerboard area of southwest Wyoming, ranchers and wild horse advocates have been battling in court since 2011, leaving the Bureau of Land Management stuck in the middle. The most recent court ruling halted the agency’s October round-up and now, as Wyoming Public Radio’s Maggie Mullen reports, the agency must try to find a new management style for wild horses. 


After A Lifetime Of Hard Work, Father And Son Return Wild Bison To Reservation

For as long as 75 year old Dick Baldes can remember, his tribe has been trying to bring wild bison back to the Wind River Indian Reservation. In November, the tribe saw that dream realized. They set ten wild bison loose on 300 acres on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Dick Baldes spent his entire career working to bring back wildlife to the reservation. And it was his son, Jason Baldes, that helped make the bison release a reality. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards attended the release ceremony. It started with a prayer.


Winter Is The Time For The Best Wolf Howling

Winter in Yellowstone National Park has become a time for people to get a better look at Yellowstone’s wolf population. It’s also a great time to hear the wolves howl. Jennifer Jerrett produced this piece from Yellowstone.


From High Society To The High Plains: Neltje's Life Outside The Lines

The celebrated Wyoming artist Neltje has led a storied life. She’s recently released her memoir, North of Crazy, chronicling her journey from high society to the high plains. As the daughter of famed publisher Nelson Doubleday, Neltje had a privileged life…growing up in her family’s homes in New York, Long Island, and South Carolina. But as an adult, she left society life and moved to her adopted home near Sheridan, where she still lives. Neltje spoke with Wyoming Public Radio’s Micah Schweizer.