“Cowboys and East Indians” author Nina McConigley shares about her own life as an Indian American

Oct 25, 2013

Nina McConigley

Nina McConigley is a lecturer in the University of Wyoming’s English Department. Her new book is a collection of short stories called Cowboys and East Indians.

Her book tells the stories of a variety of Indian characters living in Wyoming, and explores what, often, reads as an unusual combination. McConigley’s father is an Irish-born petroleum geologist, and her mother, Nimi McConigley, was the first Indian-born person to serve in the Wyoming Legislature.  Nina tells Wyoming Public Radio's Rebecca Martinez she grew up in Casper.

She will read portions of her new book at events in Wyoming next month. She’ll be at the Nicolaysen Museum in Casper on November 2, and at UW in Laramie November 21.