Committee Strikes Down Medical Marijuana Bill

Jan 23, 2015

A bill that would have allowed the use of medical marijuana was killed in a Wyoming House Committee on a 5 to 4 vote.  The bill was sponsored by Casper Republican Gerald Gay. 

He said cannabis use would have been regulated by medical providers and the goal was to help address a number of pain issues.  A Doctor testified that it has a number of pain benefits. Gillette Republican Bill Pownall says Wyoming is not ready for this yet.

“At this point there is a lot of questions, there’s a lot of questions of where it’s coming from and how it’s gonna be regulated and the effects.  I just don’t believe there’s enough study out there that shows that we are on track to use it here in the state of Wyoming.”

Law Enforcement Lobbyist Jim Pond said their membership was split on the issue.