Coal Company Hires Back Laid-Off Workers

Jul 27, 2020

Logo for the Navajo Transitional Energy Company
Credit Navajo Transitional Energy Company

The Navajo Transitional Energy Company (NTEC) announced it will be hiring back 73 furloughed employees, who will be able to return to work at the Spring Creek Mine on August 3. The mine in southeastern Montana employs many Wyoming residents as well.

NTEC, though, had actually laid off those 73 employees on April 23, along with 57 employees at the Antelope Mine both due to economic conditions related to COVID-19.

"We are confident in our projections for future sales, and all mines will continue operations to fulfill orders as we look to better days ahead," said Clark Moseley, CEO, in an April statement.

Now, NTEC is welcoming back those 73 workers pointing to improved electricity demand.

"We are seeing a resumption of normal energy demand, along with the increased power needs for the summer season. Spring Creek is well positioned to deliver the product to meet U.S. energy demand and aid in economic recovery," said Moseley.

In May, NTEC furloughed 93 hourly employees at the Antelope Mine and laid off 8 salaried employees.

NTEC has yet to recall any employees back to its Antelope Mine.

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