Business Council Examines Internet Access In Wyoming

Jan 26, 2012

The Wyoming Business Council is conducting a survey to determine what parts of the state have inadequate Internet access.

Leah Bruscino is the Council’s northwest regional director. She says some rural areas have nothing but dial-up, and it’s hard to run a business that way.

“Mountain lodges that cater to, say, snowmobilers or summer trade – you know, obviously being tourism businesses, they’d like to have rich, vibrant sites and be able to send clients nice, rich information.,” says Bruscino. “That’s a challenge.”

Bruscino says the survey will map internet service in great detail – down to each individual address. The hope is that once the information is compiled, service providers will work to fill in the gaps.

The survey will be available on the Wyoming Business Council’s website through February 28.