Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana Fails

Jan 21, 2015

A bill that would have decriminalized marijuana in Wyoming was soundly defeated by the Wyoming House of Representatives Wednesday. 

Representative Jim Byrd of Cheyenne had proposed legislation to punish those in possession of small amounts of marijuana with fines, instead of criminal convictions. But a majority of Representatives feared that the change would encouraging marijuana use. Lovell Republican Elaine Harvey had strong concerns.

“So now we are going to make it less of a penalty which will increase the likelihood of it being in the homes, increase the likelihood of children getting their hands on it, increase the likelihood of addictions, and quite frankly the gateway to other drugs. Are we crazy?”

Sundance Republican Tyler Lindholm countered that alcohol is the actual gateway drug, but nobody is trying to make that illegal. The bill failed with 22 aye votes and 38 opposed.

Twenty-seven states have either legalized medical marijuana or decriminalized marijuana possession.