Archives On The Air 194: Merchandising Hopalong Cassidy—William Boyd Papers

Jun 11, 2020

Actor William Boyd portrayed the clean-living cowboy hero Hopalong Cassidy from 1935 to the 1950s in film and television.

Boyd also made a fortune by merchandising Hopalong Cassidy products to legions of children.

By 1950 the Hopalong Cassidy industry was valued in the tens of millions.

Hoppy's TV royalties were secondary to his merchandising value.

There were 2,500 Hopalong Cassidy products, including bread, milk, soap, peanut butter, a candy bar, and even tuna fish.

Hoppy also had official bathrobes, bedroom sets, board games, bicycles, wallpaper, and roller skates with spurs.

See William Boyd's collection of Hopalong Cassidy merchandise at UW's American Heritage Center.