Archives On The Air 192: A Grand Carouse In The Rocky Mtn West—The Paintings Of Alfred Jacob Miller

Jun 9, 2020

In 1837, wealthy Scots nobleman William Drummond Stewart entered the studio of young artist Alfred Jacob Miller. After lingering over a painting, he offered a compliment and departed.

Soon after the nobleman hired Miller as expedition artist for a journey to the 1837 fur trade rendezvous located near present day Pinedale.

Here beaver pelts and buffalo robes were traded for supplies, trinkets, and watered-down alcohol.

The annual event was a great meeting of cultures and a time for horse racing, spectacle, games, wagers, and story-telling. Miller described it as "a grand carouse…"

Today, Miller's sketches and paintings give us the only eye-witness visual account of the rendezvous period of the Rocky Mountain fur trade.

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