Archives On The Air 150: Krebiozen—A. C. Ivy Papers

May 9, 2019

In 1946, Dr. A. C. Ivy wrote a code of ethics on human experimentation as part of the Nuremburg trials.

But, Ivy went on to violate ethics rules in his own work with the alleged cancer treatment Krebiozen. 

In 1944 Yugoslavian doctors claimed it cured cancer in dogs. Ivy was sold.

Ivy tested Krebiozen on human cancer patients. But he exaggerated the results. One success story was a lie. The patient had not been cured and had died.

Touting Krebiozen as a cure was dangerous. Studies have shown that it has no effect on cancer. One woman opted out of life saving breast cancer surgery because she believed Krebiozen would cure her. She died from her cancer.

Tests found Krebiozen to be mineral oil and Creatine.

The A. C. Ivy papers at UW's American Heritage Center document his entire medical career.