Abortion Reporting Bill Moves To The Senate Floor

Feb 21, 2019


A Senate committee has voted 4-1 to approve a bill that would require doctors who perform abortions to document how many times they have performed the procedure.

Bill sponsor Scott Clem said doctors have refused to provide accurate data and he said it would be useful to know where to target family planning and education materials.

But Sharon Breitweiser of NARAL pro-choice Wyoming said it's another attempt to limit abortions in the state. She noted that the bill provides sanctions that the Board of Medicine may use.

"And it may in its discretion use tools at its disposal that include $25,000 fines and license revocation. So we're convinced that the main purpose of this is to target doctors and to make it more of a stigma and to harass doctors to where they are more reluctant to be providing services in our state," said Breitweiser.

The committee added amendments to protect the privacy of the patient, but Breitweiser said they do little. The bill is the last remaining anti-abortion measure being considered after another bill that would have required a 48-hour waiting period died in committee.