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Legislature Sends State Budget To The Governor

Jimmy Emerson, DVM via CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Wyoming House and Senate adopted a new state budget that reduces over $400 million from the existing two-year budget. The two sides did agree to restore money back into the Wyoming Department of Health for some popular programs including home services for the elderly and added some money for Community Colleges and the University of Wyoming.

Some in the House complained that a conference committee gave up too much to the Senate as they reached a budget deal, but House Appropriations Chairman Bob Nicholas said both sides got their major priorities. For those who wanted sizable budget reductions, Nicholas said that mission was accomplished.

"So when you go back home and someone asks you how much did we reduce our budget? The answer is $430 million," said Nicholas.

Senate Appropriations Chairman Drew Perkins said the federal stimulus money that the state is getting helped make the compromise go smoother and convinced committee members to restore several million dollars in cuts.

Both the House and Senate voted overwhelmingly to accept the budget that will now go to the governor. He has three days to act on the bill and the legislature will review any vetoes before the bill is signed into law.

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