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House Agrees To Consider Additional Sales Tax For Municipalities

Inside the Wyoming State Capitol Building
Bob Beck

The Wyoming House voted to introduce a bill sought after by cities and towns. The bill will give municipalities the ability to ask voters to pass a tax to benefit their community as long as voters also support a countywide sales tax. 

City and town leaders had long tried to raise tax money to address their specific needs, but county officials worried it would hurt their ability to also get sales tax money. House Revenue Committee Chairman Dan Zwonitzer said that while house members are reluctant to raise taxes, they see the need to help communities.

"They realize there is a major crunch to cities and towns, as well as to counties, and also the state government right now, we are all hurting. And so this bill allows your local governments to put tax propositions before the voters to see if the local cities towns who want special projects or want that additional revenue," said Zwonitzer. He added it can be used to help with the streets and other projects.

The bill now heads to the House Revenue Committee for further consideration.

Have a question about this story? Contact the reporter, Bob Beck, at btwo@uwyo.edu.

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