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Proposed Salary Cuts For State Employees Worry Some Senators

State of Wyoming Legislature

An amendment approved in the Wyoming Senate’s version of the state budget that would cut the salaries of certain state employees by two percent has some concerned, especially senators in districts with large populations of people who work for the government, specifically Cheyenne.

The amendment excludes school district employees and those who work for Community Colleges and the University of Wyoming.   

Cheyenne Senator Tara Nethercott is opposed to the amendment, and said she was surprised she didn’t hear more input from constituents after it passed.

“I know the negative impact it’s going to have on state employees. I have heard from a handful of them in my district, but I think many of them are hesitant to speak out. Many of them are prohibited from lobbying and so they’re more resistant to reach out than on some other issues,” said Nethercott.

She said the effects of the cut would be concentrated in Cheyenne, but felt statewide. Final debate of the Senate budget bill will take place Friday.

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