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Wyoming Senate Sticks With Three Ounce Penalty For Edible Marijuana


Despite concerns that they could be making felons out of too many people, the State Senate gave initial approval to a bill that would make three ounces of marijuana-infused edibles felony. 

The legislature is clarifying the edible marijuana law after a judge ruled that there is no way of knowing whether there is enough marijuana in an edible to warrant a felony conviction. The bill says three ounces is the weight of the entire product.
Gillette Republican Michael Von Flatern says people could be convicted of a felony for a minimal amount of marijuana.

“There is a test coming out that will define the THC quantity and content of an object. That’s what we need to wait for.”

Alta Republican Leland Christensen says edible marijuana has proven to be a health hazard for those who eat too much of it. The bill will be debated two more times.

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