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Committee Changes Felony Standard For Edibles

Bob Beck
Wyoming Public Radio

A Wyoming Senate Committee has decided that possession of three ounces or more of marijuana-laced food or drink should equal a felony.  

Some judges in the state have ruled that current Wyoming law does not criminalize marijuana-laced products, the legislation would fix that. 

While the state doesn’t have the ability to test the level of the psychoactive chemical THC in edible marijuana, Byron Oedekoven of the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police says most marijuana edibles they see are strictly labeled. 

The committee previously determined that a pound of edible marijuana should equal a felony, but Oedekoven testified that was too high. He says a felony for edibles should be the same as leafy marijuana, which is three ounces. He used marijuana laced gummy bears to make his point.

"One gummy bear is good for three doses. So three ounces of gummy bears is 36 gummy bears. That’s 108 doses," said Oedekoven.

Senator Michael Von Flatern expressed concern that someone could get a felony if the amount on the label was incorrect. The Committee approved the bill 4-1 and it heads to the Senate floor for further debate.

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