CooXooEii Black

News Intern

CooXooEii Black belongs to the Northern Arapaho tribe. He recently graduated from Colorado College, where he discovered his passion for writing. He graduated with a degree in English: Creative Writing and is currently attending The University of Memphis to receive his Master of Fine Art in poetry. His creative writing involves themes of cultural identity, cultural history, religion, and truth-telling. He thinks all art is connected somehow, and as a result, he is excited to try new modes of writing.

Savannah Maher


This fall, the White Buffalo Program took a group of young tribal members to the Big Horn Mountains on the Crow reservation for a buffalo hunt.

Damen Bell-Holter


Former NBA player Damen Bell-Holter is concerned about the lack of mental health resources for men of color. Identifying as a Black man and a member of the Haida Nation, Bell-Holter has seen first hand how men of color often don't seek help for mental illnesses.