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Grizzly Bear Injures Elk Hunter Near Dubois

Grizzly bear on Swan Lake Flats, Yellowstone National Park; Jim Peaco

A grizzly bear attacked a hunter Sunday morning in the Shoshone National Forest, near Dubois. The female grizzly and her two cubs were feeding on the carcass of an elk the hunter shot Saturday and was trying to recover. The victim was flown to a hospital in Denver, and is expected to recover.

Jason Hunter, a wildlife supervisor for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, advises hunters to be careful in areas with lots of fallen trees and to watch for signs of bear activity. Hunter says the victim rightly decided to leave the area when he noticed that the elk carcass had been moved.

"As soon as he turned around, that's when he was attacked and had no time to react," Hunter said. "So just make sure you have a plan to get your animals in and out; don't go alone; carry bear spray; make lots of noise; I think that's the key, especially when you are going to retrieve an animal."

This is the latest in a series of bear-related injuries that have occurred in the last month, including an attack on a hunter near Jackson, and two others near Gardiner, Montana. 

"It was the start of the hunting season, so we have a lot more people in the field, a lot more people, you know trying to be quiet and walk in the woods," Hunter said. "The same thing happened with this latest incident near Dubois. There are just more folks out and about in grizzly country."

People can visit Bear Wise Wyoming, a Game and Fish website, for a full list of recommendations for hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking in bear habitat.

Correction: Wyoming Public Radio initially reported that the victim was recovering in a Riverton hospital. He received care in Riverton, but was taken to Denver once he stabilized.

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