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SHIFT Festival Underway In Jackson

The SHIFT Festival kicks off its second annual conference this week at the Center for the Arts in Jackson.

Director Christian Beckwith says the conference is the first of its kind to bring together outdoor recreationists, land managers and conservation advocates.

"We’re really looking forward to getting everybody into the same room at the same time, cross-pollinating the conversations that we typically just have amongst ourselves, and seeing where it goes from there," says Beckwith.

The goal of the conference is to encourage these groups to work together to find solutions for how to better protect public lands and waters, and Beckwith says there’s no better place than Jackson to have that conversation.

"The visceral response that this place evokes makes it the place to have this conference where we explore this intersection," says Beckwith.

The SHIFT festival features presentations, group discussions, awards, and networking events.

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