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Group Can Begin Effort To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Courtesy Wyoming NORML

Supporters of legalizing medical marijuana in Wyoming can begin collecting signatures in an effort to put the issue on the ballot. 

The Secretary of State’s office gave the go ahead to the Wyoming National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana laws to collect the nearly 26 thousand signatures it needs to get the issue before voters in 2016. If voters approve it, the legislature will be asked to draft legislation to legalize medical marijuana.  Chris Christian of Wyoming NORML said they want the law to say that people can get cannabis from a doctor. 

“We are not twisting anybody’s arm and saying you have to give up your meds and try cannabis. We are simply asking for the opportunity to make the choice ourselves as adults to feel better.”

Christian noted that a governor’s task force is expressing a great deal of concern about the possible influx of marijuana in the state and the impacts on drivers and young people. Christian argued that legalization can be positive.

“In Colorado and in many, many other states across the country, the statistics are posted there, drug use among teens has dropped once legalization of any kind occurs there. Specifically in Colorado the 13 to 18-year-old usage has dropped five or eight percent since they legalized.”

Wyoming NORML has a number of upcoming events to collect signatures. 

The group must collect 25,700 signatures of registered voters by February 8th in order to get the issue on the ballot.

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