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Medical Marijuana Supporters Can Start Gathering Signatures

Wyoming NORML

Those wanting medical marijuana legalized in the state will soon be able to collect signatures. The Wyoming Secretary of State’s office has certified the application for ballot initiative concerning the Peggy A. Kelly Cannabis Act of 2016. 

For it to actually get on the ballot the group Wyoming NORML must collect 25,673 signatures. Executive Director Chris Christian says while it’s a first step…it’s a big one.

“We haven’t gotten it this far in two years. This is what we have struggled for the last two years is to get them to certify a bill, so that we can begin collecting signatures for a petition that says we can put it on the ballot for 2016.”

Christian says that judging by the number of phone calls following the Secretary of State’s announcement, she has no doubt that they will collect enough signatures.

“You know the biggest and most important thing that people can do between now and the time we get their petition for them is to make they registered to vote. You can’t sign them if you’re not.”

The group will need to collect 25,673 signatures by February 8th of 2016 in order to get the measure on the ballot. Polls have suggested that Wyoming voters strongly support legalizing medical marijuana.

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