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UW To Update Preservation Plan For Historic Buildings

Wyoming_Jackrabbit via Flickr Creative Commons

The University of Wyoming is working to update its preservation plan for historic buildings on campus. The current preservation plan was written in 1999 and is now out of date since many buildings now qualify as historic that once did not.

With lots of construction and renovation taking place on campus, UW's Interim Director of Facilities Planning Larry Blake says new guidelines are necessary.

"I think we want to go further than the previous document, and also provide recommendation on how to preserve our existing and how to preserve the historic qualities of buildings such as Half Acre Gym, once we add on to them," Blake says. 

UW hired Peter Benton, a consultant from Pennsylvania who specializes in historic master plans for University campuses. In the next year, he'll conduct surveys and assess buildings around campus.

"We're going to be looking at practically every building that's been built on the campus really before the 1980s,” Benton says. "We'll be looking at the—what we call the integrity of the building—that it's tried to identify what historic fabric remains in the buildings and in the landscapes."

Benton says he's looking for local input on the UW aesthetic. You can submit feedback online at the UW Preservation Plan Facebook page.

A final set of guidelines is expected in March 2015.

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