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WY Appeals EPA Decision On Wind River Borders


Wyoming has filed an appeal in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals for the Environmental Protection Agency decision that drew the borders of the Wind River Indian Reservation to include Riverton.

The Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes say the EPA’s decision rights a historical wrong, while the state says it's jurisdictional overreach by the federal government that raises questions about law enforcement jurisdiction, taxation and other issues. Northern Arapaho Tribe spokesman, Mark Howell, says the tribe is happy to go to court and expects it will resolve this long-standing question. 

“Final determination once and for all on the question of the reservation boundaries. Once that determination is made and it comes as we think it will then we need to sit down with all the parties involved and work out the practical implementation of the determination,” says Howell. 

The reservation’s borders have been disputed for years. Thursday the EPA put a stay on its decision for the lands in question until the courts can weigh in.

Irina Zhorov is a reporter for Wyoming Public Radio. She earned her BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MFA from the University of Wyoming. In between, she worked as a photographer and writer for Philadelphia-area and national publications. Her professional interests revolve around environmental and energy reporting and she's reported on mining issues from Wyoming, Mexico, and Bolivia. She's been supported by the Dick and Lynn Cheney Grant for International Study, the Eleanor K. Kambouris Grant, and the Social Justice Research Center Research Grant for her work on Bolivian mining and Uzbek alpinism. Her work has appeared on Voice of America, National Native News, and in Indian Country Today, among other publications.
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