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Simpson calls the Republican attempt to delay the ACA bizzare

University of Wyoming

As the federal government shutdown continues, former U-S Senator Al Simpson says the Republicans are wasting their time trying delaying or dismantling the Affordable Care Act  -- also known as Obamacare.   

The former Wyoming G-O-P Senator calls the strategy bizarre.

“Let them remain concerned about the affordable care act, that’s fine with me.  But don’t try to get the President to sign a bill that either repeals it or sets it back  a year.  Why the hell, the only the signature piece of the legislation the President has done so far is that.  Why would he even think about doing anything but vetoing it. “

Simpson says if they want to reduce spending…Congress should focus its attention on reforming Medicare and Social Security.  

On another topic, Simpson expressed concern that Congress would not agree to raise the debt ceiling by the October 17th deadline. 

“And do the absolute absurdity of putting the full faith and credit of the United States in jeopardy as if that were a spending issue…that is not a spending issue, you’ve already spent it and you gotta pay it.  And if they do that, it will have repercussions around the world.”

Simpson was in Laramie to discuss the federal debt and other issues at the University of Wyoming.

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