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Red states and blue states are drifting further apart, ideologically. Rural youth are migrating faster and faster to urban centers. Small town newspapers and radio stations are going silent. Families can't even carry on a respectful conversation at the 4th of July potluck! Never has it been more important for the media to step forward and moderate conversations across divides.

Facebook Live: Wyoming's wild horses as part of 'I Respectfully Disagree' series

Four panelists speak with host Caitlin Tan about wild horses in Wyoming.
Caitlin Tan
Wyoming Public Media
Four panelists spoke with host and reporter Caitlin Tan about issues surrounding wild horses in Wyoming as part of the 'I Respectfully Disagree' series.

Wyoming Public Media held a live discussion about wild horses in the state as part of the 'I Respectfully Disagree' series. Four panelists representing all sides of the issue joined host Caitlin Tan, who is WPM’s energy and natural resources reporter.

The panelists included:

  • Suzanne Roy, executive director of the American Wild Horse Campaign
  • Erik Molvar, executive director of Western Watersheds Project
  • Christi Chapman, director and co-founder of Wyoming Wild Horse Improvement Partnership
  • Senator Brian Boner, Wyoming State Senator representing District 2

About half of the state’s wild horses were gathered last year in the southwest part of the state, as part of Wyoming’s largest round up of wild horses. Advocates said it is necessary – there are too many wild horses on public land, and they are reproducing at unsustainable rates. But, those who oppose the round ups said it is inhumane and that having wild horses roam on public lands is quintessential to the American West. The four panelists discussed this premise in the ‘I Respectfully Disagree’ conversation.

Caitlin Tan is the Energy and Natural Resources reporter based in Sublette County, Wyoming. Since graduating from the University of Wyoming in 2017, she’s reported on salmon in Alaska, folkways in Appalachia and helped produce 'All Things Considered' in Washington D.C. She formerly co-hosted the podcast ‘Inside Appalachia.' You can typically find her outside in the mountains with her two dogs.
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