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Moose Wilson Road Reopens After Increased Bear Activity

By Gregory "Slobirdr" Smith licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license

After being closed for most of August, the Moose Wilson Road in Grand Teton National Park has reopened. The road was closed due to increased bear activity in the area.

Bears are often attracted to that stretch of road due to berry bushes growing nearby. Safety concerns for both humans and the bears prompts the park to close the road regularly.  

From August through October bears enter hyperphagia, where they feed continuously in preparation for hibernation. This means they are more active and encounters with humans are more likely.

Grand Teton National Park Public Affairs Officer Denise Germann said the park is the habitat of black and grizzly bears.

“We always like to remind people, specifically visitors, to be bear aware. That means to take the required safety precautions. In the park, it is required that all your food, garbage, toiletries, if you’ve got pet food, anything like that, it be stored in a hard-sided vehicle, or within a bear-resistant food container or locker,” said Germann.

Although Moose Wilson Road is now open, drivers in Grand Teton National Park and across the state should be alert for bears and other animals crossing roads.

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