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Wyoming Department of Health expands its WIC benefits to help with the baby formula shortage

Shelves full of baby formula in store
Wikimedia Commons

Wyoming is feeling the baby formula shortage. The nationwide shortage started after a major supplier recalled its product in February.

The state Department of Health helps about 11,00 eligible infants' families to buy formula through the Wyoming Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC). Kim Deti, the Department of Health's spokeswoman, said low income families that are eligible receive a benefit card to help supplement their family's nutrition.

"Our WIC program is trying to support those families to really work hard to find a formula for them if we're able. And that's been something that has just pretty limited success," said Deti. "But we also made some adjustments to allow more types of formula to be approved for purchase with the WIC cards."

Deti said the department doesn't have a stockpiled supply of formula so there's not much they can do. But she said parents that can't find formula and are looking for other options need to be very careful.

"We really want them to be cautious and be mindful of recommendations from reputable groups. One of the ones that we've been recommending is the American Academy of Pediatrics," said Deti.

This week President Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to increase production of baby formula among other efforts.

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