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Laramie Health Clinic Receives Global Support After Washington Post Article

Pixabay Creative Commons

The Laramie Downtown Clinic has been flooded with donations since the Washington Post published an article about it and its director Pete Gosar. The clinic offers free healthcare services to the public.

WyoFile reports the clinic was hit with a wave of donations, phone calls, emails and letters. Other donations included medical equipment and software.

The Washington Post article describes how five of Arizona Representative Paul Gosar's siblings helped produce a campaign ad for his opponent. Although the story focuses on the political divides within the family, it also discussed how both Grace and Pete Gosar work at the Downtown Clinic.

Clinic Director Pete Gosar said it has received more than $20,000 worth of donations since the article was published Jan. 12.

"[We] really have been taken aback by the Washington Post Article and the response from all around the country. We have donations from Canada and Ireland and other places, it's just been phenomenal quite honestly," said Gosar.

Gosar said that most of the donations have been small, less than $100. The money will go towards the clinic's goal of providing free medical services for individuals that cannot afford healthcare.

Gosar said their mission struck a chord with donors across the country.

"There are a lot of people in America today that have been touched by unaffordable healthcare or lack of access to healthcare, and they were just reaching out to help someplace that they could," Gosar said.

Grace, a physician at the Downtown Clinic, has struggled with healthcare herself. The Washington Post article describes how her insurance company claimed she owed them $200,000 for cancer treatments. WyoFile reports that her insurance company has since retracted the claim.

London is a senior at the University of Wyoming studying Film Theory and Media Production. He grew up listening to Wyoming Public Radio, and has always had a fascination with unique human interest stories.

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