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Hess Corp Is UW's Biggest Corporate Donor

University of Wyoming

The Hess Corporation announced a $15 million donation to the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources Thursday. Hess has now given a total of  $25 million to UW, making the oil and gas giant the largest corporate donor in the university’s history.

The funds will go towards construction of UW’s High Bay Research Facility—as well as equipment used in the facility and some proprietary research done there. Hess’s research will focus mostly on figuring out how to tap hard-to-reach oil and gas reservoirs.

Governor Matt Mead says, through corporate partnerships like this one, UW is poised to be a leader in energy research.

“With financial support of the private sector, it is, to me, the best indicator that UW is on the right track—that we are headed in the right direction,” says Mead. “What the great faculty and the students are doing here, no one else in the world is doing.

The state put up more than $23 million in matching funds alongside Hess’s investments.

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