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Sacred Earth Conversations


Sacred Earth Conversations

Sacred Earth Conversations
To deepen and share our connections with nature
Third Mondays beginning February 20, 2023
Hansen Hall, St. John's Episcopal Church, 170 N. Glenwood, Jackson, WY


First Gathering 2/20: we explore ways to deepen and enliven our important relationships with the rest of nature. We contemplate our gift in the web of life.
Second Gathering 3/20: we cultivate a deeper capacity for beholding and inhabiting sacred dimensions within non-human ecosystems.
Third Gathering 4/17: we play with ways of speaking and listening that help us serve as translators and spokespeople for the natural world.
Last gathering 5/15: we meet outside to play and make commitments to each other and the planet. We celebrate.

Wonder Fest, June 15-17 - https://www.ecotheo.org/wonder-2023
Poets Joy Harjo and Roger Reeves - workshops and readings. FREE

St. John's Episcopal Church of Jackson Hole
05:30 PM - 07:00 PM, every 4 months on Monday through May 15, 2023.

Event Supported By

EcoTheo Collective
307-733-2603 Ext. 8067
St. John's Episcopal Church of Jackson Hole
170 Glenwood Street
Jackson, Wyoming 83001
307-733-2603 Ext. 103