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Wyoming Arts Council Hosts 'Creative Aging' Training

Image courtesy of Lifetime Arts

The Wyoming Arts Council has partnered with the Wyoming State Library and Lifetime Arts to train Wyoming-based artists and librarians on 'Creative Aging'.'Creative Aging' is a way to address adverse health effects associated with aging, by practicing intentional arts engagement. And now, the Wyoming Arts Council is accepting applications from artists and librarians in the state who want to participate in this training.

Joshua Chrysler, who is the health and wellness specialist for the Wyoming Arts Council, said the pandemic has amplified loneliness among older adults. The arts can help.

"It's (COVID-19) really shown that issues that were already present for older adults like social isolation and loneliness, those have really been amplified over the past year," Chrysler said. "This type of programming - we're able to help alleviate some of that, and hopefully improve the quality of life for some folks."

The pandemic has also proven that programs and trainings like these are now more important than ever.

"Ultimately, what we'd like to have is find a way to create sustainability for these types of programs," said Chrysler. "To help improve quality of life for our aging community."

This training will be held virtually in March over a span of three days.

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