Wyoming House Begins Work On Abortion Bills

Feb 1, 2017

Laramie Representative Charles Pelkey
Credit Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming House of Representatives gave initial approval to bills that touched on the topic of abortions. House Bill 182 requires physicians to tell a woman that they can see an ultra-sound and hear the unborn child’s heartbeat and provide other information.   

Laramie Representative Charles Pelkey said the bill goes too far.

“This bill brings the legislature, brings state government into the examination room during a time when a woman is faced with one of the most difficult and most trying decisions of her life. I don’t think the legislature has any business getting involved with that.”

Casper Representative Chuck Gray argued that the bill simply makes sure that a woman’s decision is well informed. 

The House also passed a measure prohibiting the sale of an aborted fetus, cells, or body parts from that fetus. A third measure attempts to track abortions in the state. They will be debated two more times