Nine Wyoming school districts fall short of federal graduation guidelines

Mar 30, 2012

Wyoming’s on-time graduation rate for 2011, a calculation of how many students graduate in four years was 79-point-7 percent. That’s slightly below the goal of 80 percent. 

The Wyoming Department of Education says that  while the 2011 average is slightly less than the year before, the Department is also quick to point out that Wyoming graduated 59 more students than in 2010.  The Department added that 39 of Wyoming’s 48 districts had on-time graduation rates higher than the state average. 

That means nine Wyoming districts failed to reach the federal goals for Average Yearly Progress.  Districts on the Wind River Reservation continue to struggle to get students graduated in four years.  The Fort Washakie School District only graduated 14 percent of its students in four years, while the Arapahoe School District graduated 17 percent.  Ethete graduated nearly 44 percent of its students in four years.  The lowest non-reservation district was  Niobrara District 1 in Lusk.  It  graduated 48 percent of its students in four years.  The rest of Wyoming's districts graduated 71 percent of more of its students in four years.

The Education Department’s press release says many successful students need five years to graduate and they indicate that 83 percent of Wyoming students graduated in five years.