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Eastern Shoshone Tribe Meets To Discuss A Cannabis Commission

Bobbi Shongutsie

The Eastern Shoshone Tribe held a special General Council meeting on Saturday in Fort Washakie to address agenda items related to the legalization of marijuana on the Wind River Reservation.

Only enrolled members of the tribe ages 18 and up are allowed to participate and vote in General Council meetings.

The required 75-member quorum was lost in the mid-afternoon before voting on the decriminalization, but the council was able to pass 13 resolutions.

Enrolled tribal member and medicinal marijuana advocate Bobbi Shongutsie said the most important resolution that was passed was the one in which the Shoshone General Council will oversee and have final say on any Cannabis developments or businesses.

"This all helps with economic development to bring money into all these programs that can benefit and get our people healthy again," Shongutsie said.

Due to the loss of quorum, a special General Council is scheduled for July 24 to continue the conversation.

Signa McAdams is an enrolled member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and from the Wind River Indian Reservation.
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