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Archives On The Air 248: Wonderous Wool – UW Wool Division records

Wool has a long history across the globe. It is believed that sheep were among the first domesticated animals. And eons ago, Babylonians traded wool.

Woolen fibers have some unique characteristics. They are elastic, which makes wool fabric naturally wrinkle resistant. Wool is also remarkable in its ability to repel moisture. A pair of wool socks can soak up 30 percent of its weight in water without feeling damp.

The Wool Department at the University of Wyoming was established in 1913. For many years the College of Agriculture offered a complete instructional program for those planning to enter the wool industry.

While wool production has declined with the advent of synthetic materials, Wyoming is still home to more than 340,000 sheep. It is also one of the top four wool producing states.

Discover the history of Wyoming wool in the UW Wool Division records at UW’s American Heritage Center.