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Archives On The Air 241: We Already Have The Vote — Agnes Wright Spring Papers

Agnes Wright Spring was a Wyoming writer and historian. And she was a young suffragette just before the 19th amendment granted voting rights to women in 1920.

She was on vacation in New York City in 1916. While there, she and a friend were asked to canvas apartment houses for the Equal Suffrage Association to identify women who wanted to vote.

Spring recalled: "We would go to a big apartment house and select a buzzer on a top floor. If the owner buzzed open the door, we would then enter and work our way up. Some doors slammed in our faces at the words 'Equal Rights.'"

One woman stomped her foot and said, "I hope you never get the vote!" We smiled and said, "We have the vote. We're from Colorado and Wyoming."

Learn more in the Agnes Wright Spring papers at UW's American Heritage Center.