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Archives On The Air 216: Batman VS. Godzilla — William Dozier Papers

Batman comics were a hit when the Batman TV series debuted in 1966. And Godzilla had wowed audiences since the 1950s.

Why not combine these two iconic characters of pop culture in a film?

The movie had Batman and company in Japan fighting a mad scientist. He threatens to have Godzilla destroy the island unless given 20 million dollars. How to foil this evil plot?

Originally the mating call of a robotic female Godzilla would turn the raging monster into jelly.

But it was cheaper for Godzilla to grab Batgirl and have Batman activate the mating call. The monster's heart melts, and Batgirl is released. The beast is then shot into space. So goes love.

The film idea ended as Batman's TV ratings fell.