I Love Wyoming Public Radio

I Love Wyoming Public Radio is a campaign aimed at raising awareness about the importance of public radio in Wyoming. It works in conjunction with the grassroots initiative Protect My Public Media to ensure the future of public radio by highlighting the impact it has across our communities. All it takes is a minute of your time to add your voice to our community of  supporters! Just think what it is you appreciate about Wyoming Public Radio or any of Wyoming Public Media's music channels, and fill out the form below.

We include these written or recorded testimonials as support material for grants, fundraising material, and for other instances where strong community engagement is needed to show public radio's value to Wyoming. This is VERY important to Wyoming Public Radio, granting organizations, as well as state and federal entities, who want to know that their resources are being spent on a service that people value. This is where you come in! By making the testimonial you show that you value Wyoming Public Radio in our state.

Join fellow listeners, community leaders, elected officials, and all friends of Wyoming Public Radio by providing YOUR testimonial, recorded or written, reflecting on the benefits of Wyoming Public Radio to you!

A selection of testimonials from Wyoming listeners

Contact your elected officials to help advocate for public radio in Wyoming

Communities across the state also issued official proclamations back in 2014 and 2015 when this campaign was first established, feel free to check out the proclamations here.


I Love Wyoming Public Radio: Written Listener Testimonials

Mar 3, 2021

Thank you to the many listeners who wrote us why they love public radio in Wyoming!

Matt Mead, Former Governor Of Wyoming

Jan 26, 2015

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso

Sep 18, 2014

Wyoming Public Radio provides high-quality, locally focused programming that isn't offered anywhere else.

With a statewide broadcast, WPR plays an important role in keeping people across the cowboy state informed on what’s going on in Wyoming and the world.

Thanks to your dedication, folks in Wyoming know they can rely on Wyoming Public Radio for news and programming that matter to their lives.

Dave Freudenthal, Former Governor Of Wyoming

Sep 11, 2014

Wyoming's Former First Lady Carol Mead

Sep 9, 2014

Wyoming Brothers Al And Pete Simpson

Sep 8, 2014
Wyoming Public Media

Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis

Sep 4, 2014

Former Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi

Sep 4, 2014
Diana Denison

Pete and Lynn Simpson - Cody WY

Feb 19, 2014

This is Pete and this is Lynn Simpson.

Lynn: With Wyoming Public Radio we can participate as members of the world, as members of our nation. We can be informed; we have access, what is happening in our lives as Americans.

Pete: It isn’t shrill, it’s reasonable. And in a world of shrillness and sharpness and sound-bites, point is there’s language. There’s depth, there’s reason. This station, this connection, does not abandon reason or thoughtful consideration.

This is Pete and this is Lynn Simpson.