I Love Wyoming Public Radio

I Love Wyoming Public Radio is an initiative to raise awareness for Wyoming Public Radio in Wyoming. It works in conjunction with the grassroots initiative Protect My Public Media initiative to ensure the future of public radio in Wyoming as well as to highlight public radio's impact across our communities. You can be a big part of this initiative and help Wyoming Public Radio. All it takes it a minute of your time! Just think what it is you appreciate about Wyoming Public Radio or any of Wyoming Public Media's music channels, and fill out the form below.

We include these written or recorded testimonials as support material for grants, fundraising material, and for other instances where strong community engagement is needed to show Wyoming Public Radio's value to Wyoming. This is very important to Wyoming Public Radio, granting organizations, as well as state and federal entities, who want to know that their resources are being spent on a service that people value. This is where you come in. By making the testimonial you show that you value Wyoming Public Radio.

Join fellow listeners, community leaders, elected officials, and all friends of Wyoming Public Radio by provide YOUR testimonial, recorded or written, reflecting the benefits of Wyoming Public Radio to you. We welcome your support!

A selection of testimonials from Wyoming listeners

Contact your elected officials to help advocate for public radio in Wyoming

Communities across the state also issued official proclamations back in 2014 and 2015 when this campaign was first established, feel free to check out the proclamations here.


Bill McKay - Laramie, WY

Feb 25, 2020
Bill McKay

Bill McKay loves WPR. He says, "One word - integrity... In coverage of local & state news, in linking to NPR and BBC, etc. for national and international news you can rely on, and in coverage of local-state talents, interests, activities."

Tara Misra - Laramie, WY

Feb 18, 2020

Tara loves journalistic integrity and being presented with different perspectives, which is why she loves WPR. WPR makes Tara feel that not only is she a citizen of her community and country, but a citizen of the world. 

Sue Roberts - Sheridan, WY

Feb 18, 2020

Sue loves a lot of things about WPR. She loves WPR's balanced news reporting as well as the music and programs like Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! 

Former Chief Engineer Shane Toven

Feb 18, 2020

Shane has always had a special place in his heart for Wyoming Public Media. From 2006 to 2014, Shane was WPR's Engineering Coordinator and worked to keep signals on the air through sun and Wyoming snow. Shane especially loves WPR because it connects people through news, weather, and music. 

Senator Cynthia Lummis

Feb 18, 2020
Cynthia Lummis

Senator Cynthia Lummis loves WPR because it offers an in-depth look at both local and national news. When listening, she's reminded of how great it is to live and Wyoming and how great it is to have Wyoming Public Radio. 

Paul Taylor - Adealide, Australia

Feb 18, 2020
Wyoming Arts Council

Paul came across WPR when traveling to Wyoming and immediately felt at home. He loves the sense of community WPR provides and feels as though WPR connects people across the state better than any other NPR station. 

Patrick Crow - Newcastle, WY

Feb 18, 2020

Pat has loved WPR since he served as a newscaster for the station in 1968. He loves how the once small station on the University of Wyoming campus has grown into a statewide media source. 

Nina McConigley - Laramie, WY

Feb 14, 2020

Nina grew up listening to WPR and appreciates how the news is balanced and interesting. Nina believes the radio has a powerful way of telling stories-- a way that isn't possible through T.V. or print. 

Ken Driese - Laramie, WY

Feb 14, 2020
The University of Wyoming

Ken's love for WPR started back when he lived in Jackson, Wyoming in the 1980s. Ken loves programs like Fresh Air and thinks programs like these are important because they're informational and engaging. 

Kathleen Urban - Cheyenne, WY

Feb 14, 2020
Alan Levine

Kathleen has loved WPR for 30 years! She loves Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! and the all the various news programs.   

Julio Brionez - Laramie, WY

Feb 13, 2020

Julio loves WPR because it introduced him to the state of Wyoming. Julio especially loves The Modern West and HumaNature podcasts. 

Harrison Welshimer - Gillette, WY

Feb 13, 2020

Harrison loves WPR not only because it brings back memories from his childhood but because it's an unbiased news source. Harrison loves that he's able to form his own opinions by listening to WPR. 

Ford MacCarty - Big Horn, WY

Feb 13, 2020
Ron Reiring

Ford loves WPR because it brings back a lot of memories from his youth. He loves that WPR makes him feel well balanced and informed. 

Dr Paul Flesher and Dr Caroline McCracken Flesher - Laramie, WY

Feb 13, 2020
The University of Wyoming

Dr. Paul Flesher and Dr. Caroline McCraken Flesher love WPR because of how reliable it is for news. They love that WPR delivers the news in an easy to understand and factual manner. 

Darla Newell - Lander, WY

Feb 13, 2020
Jimmy Emerson

Darla has loved WPR since she moved to Wyoming and has watched it grow throughout the years. As long as she has service, she knows she'll be listening to Wyoming Public Radio. 

Craig Thompson - Rock Springs, WY

Feb 13, 2020

Craig loves WPR because of the stories. He loves it so much and becomes so immersed in the stories that sometimes he even forgets where he is! 

Chad Banks - Rock Springs, WY

Feb 11, 2020
Milonica at en.wikipedia

Chad loves WPR because it supports local journalism and offers the world a perspective outside of Washington D.C. and New York. He also loves that WPR covers the stories of some of Wyoming's "unique gems."

Bill Reinecke - Jackson, WY

Feb 7, 2020

Bill loves Wyoming Public Radio because it makes him connected to the state of Wyoming. He loves how Wyoming Public Radio gives him a sense of place and makes him feel grounded. 

Bethann Garamon Merkle - Laramie, WY

Feb 4, 2020

Bethann has loved Public Radio since she was a sophomore in college. She loves that Wyoming Public Radio has challenged her to think about issues and has allowed her to get to know Wyoming. 

Andrew Hayes - Laramie, WY

Feb 4, 2020

Andrew loves Wyoming Public Radio because of the variety it offers. Throughout the week he listens to various programs that he finds both informational and entertaining. 

Alex Muromcew - Jackson, WY

Feb 4, 2020

Alex loves Wyoming Public Radio because it's a valuable voice in the state of Wyoming and it provides a statewide view for the issues facing the state. 

David Monroe - Jackson, WY

May 9, 2019

David love Wyoming Public Radio because he can trust the stories produced by the reporters. He love that the content is entertaining, engaging and informative.  

Janel Seeley & TK Stoudt - Laramie, WY

May 7, 2019
Photos retrieved from LinkedIn

While Janel was out of town,  TK signed them up to become members of the leadership circle. They love Wyoming Public Radio and are happy to be supporters. 

Phoenix LaVigne - Laramie, WY

May 7, 2019

Phoenix loves Wyoming Public Radio because it produces Classical Wyoming. She loves that she can listen to music she loves, while still staying informed with news.

Mike Vanata - Laramie, WY

May 6, 2019

Mike loves Wyoming Public Radio because it is so informative. He loves that the quality of reporting in Wyoming Public Radio news stories. 

Paula Egan-Wright - Turkey

Apr 24, 2019
Paula Egan-Wright

Paula love that Wyoming Public Radio provides her with well-rounded news coverage. She loves that she is able to stream Wyoming Public Radio from outside the country, and can listen to her favorite programs even with the time difference. 

Peggy McCrackin - Laramie, WY

Apr 23, 2019
Peggy McCrackin

I love everything about Wyoming Public Radio, from the in-depth and balanced local, regional, national and international news to the engaging programming like Wait, Wait Don't Tell me, Science Friday, and This American Life to the unique music programs like Wyoming Sounds, E-Town, and Ranch Breakfast. I love listening to WPR while I am working all alone on the farm. It is my constant companion and when a great song comes on Wyoming Sounds, I can dance like nobody is watching.

Chelsea Lowry - Laramie, WY

Mar 28, 2019

Chelsea loves Wyoming Public Radio because it provides content that fits her need. She loves that it provides state and global news, jazz music and thought-provoking entertainment.  

Jonathan Updike - Palo Alto, CA

Mar 27, 2019

Jonathan loves Wyoming Public Radio because he realized that it helped him view the wider world around him when he was younger. Wyoming Public Radio keeps Jonathan connected to the state of Wyoming after moving. 

Lori Bantekas - Jackson, WY

Feb 8, 2019
Lori Bantekas

Lori is a member of the leadership circle. She loves WPR because she depends on it for her news and entertainment during long drives.