Wyomingites can bypass healthcare.gov glitches in person

Oct 25, 2013

Despite the supposedly high-tech new health insurance marketplaces, it turns out the best way to sign up is in person.

Enroll Wyoming is trying to help people do that. Dialing 2-1-1 will get you to a referral line with information about where to enroll. 

But if you’re calling to try and get help navigating the federal website, you’re out of luck, according to Sara Loken, who works for 2-1-1.

“There’s some frustration, they’ve tried to log on and they can’t log on.  And we can’t really troubleshoot that for them because we don’t know either.  So we’ve been trying to refer them back to possibly the marketplace call center, which is the national call center.  And that’s where they can apply over the phone.”

The referral line, which can be reached by dialing 2-1-1, provides people with information about how to schedule in-person meetings. And Loken says there's plenty of time to set one up -- the deadline for purchasing insurance is March 1.

“There’s something easier talking to them in person, bringing their income forms, sitting down with somebody to see what they apply for that’s easier than over the phone.” 

Navigators across the state are also hosting informational events at hospitals, libraries and health fairs. 

Loken says whether applying in person, or over the phone, it's important to have tax forms handy since the cost of the insurance will be based on income.