Wyoming Democratic Delegates Now Look To General Election

Jul 29, 2016

Credit Wyoming Democratic Party

The Democratic National Convention wrapped up Thursday night with the official nomination of Hillary Clinton as the party’s presidential candidate.  

Wyoming is a reliably red state, voting republican in every presidential election since the 1960s, so the Democratic candidate is typically an afterthought to most voters. But Ken Chestek, a DNC delegate from Laramie, said he doesn’t think Donald Trump will get much support in Wyoming.

“Trump got seven percent of the vote on the Republican caucus, I don’t think its Trump country at all,” he said. “I think Trump is a phony, and everybody knows he’s a phony, and people in Wyoming do not suffer fools. Trump is a fool.”

He said that opens up the state to different possibilities.

“I think there’s a good chance that the Republican Party will vote Libertarian and Hillary might actually win with a plurality,” said Chestek.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is so far the only third party candidate on the ballot in Wyoming.

Bernie Sanders will not be on the ballot, supporters in Wyoming and around the country are faced with a choice. 

RJ Pieper from Rock Springs was a page at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Pieper said he was a Sanders supporter, but that he will probably vote for Clinton in November.

“I’m warming up to the, to the fact, you know,” said Pieper. “It’s like getting in a cold pool or going out to the flaming gorge, you have to ease yourself in before you’re comfortable. And I think by November I’ll be there.”

Pieper said moving forward, he will continue to work to get Democrats elected both in Wyoming and nationally.