Wyoming Business Blossoms At Milan World Fair

May 4, 2015

Wyoming business Bright AgroTech will be in full bloom at the Milan World Fair this year—literally.

One whole wall of the American exhibit will showcase the company’s vertical gardening design. Long tubes with plants growing out of them move wave-like along the length of the wall. CEO Nate Storey says he convinced the American’s architect James Biber to use his design with the argument that the future of agriculture is in vertical farming.

Storey says the theme of this year’s World Fair is “energy and food.”

“They’re growing a bunch of very historical crops, kind of representative of the history of American agriculture,” he says. “And they’re growing some modern varieties as well. So it’s kind of tracing the history of American agriculture through the genetics of these different crops. It’s symbolic and if you ask me, pretty beautiful.”

Crops harvested from the exhibit will be used to prepare American cuisine in food trucks outside. He says the wall provides 7200 square feet of production and he thinks they will have more food than they can use, even with the high visitor traffic at the World Fair. To see more photos of the exhibit, click here.