WY Senate defeats bill prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation

Jan 31, 2013

Credit Wyoming State Capitol

The State Senate defeated a bill that would have prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.  It would have given gays and lesbians protections in the workplace.  Opponents said it could have led to unfair burdens on employers and infringe on religious freedoms.  Senator Chris Rothfuss says he’s sorry that the bill would be inconvenient for certain employers, but he added that was the point.  But Baggs Senator Larry Hicks says the legislation would do little.                    

“Lets talk about it.  It’s horrible, anybody who discriminates is a despicable human being.  There is absolutely no way in statute that we are ever going to stop discrimination at every level,” says Hicks.

Senator Curt Meier wondered if there actually was discrimination in the state and suggested that the bill was in search of a problem.  The bill failed 13 to 17.