Women's March Organizers Confident In Security After Potential Threat

Jan 19, 2018

Women from the Wyoming Art Party march in Cheyenne in the 2017 event.
Credit Maggie Mullen

Women’s March Wyoming organizers are working to ensure safety after a potentially threatening comment was left on a Facebook post about the Cheyenne march. The comment referenced “claymores” and “c4” – types of explosives – saying they would come in handy at a march.

Wyoming Equality’s Sara Burlingame, one of the event’s organizers, said they worked alongside the Cheyenne Police Department to determine if the threat was credible or just a tasteless joke. They ultimately found that the man who made it doesn’t live in Wyoming, so she said they are not too concerned.

“I mean it was great that [Cheyenne Police] Chief Kozak took it really seriously. The officers took it seriously. You know, it was just the right kind of modicum. Nobody became alarmist. Nobody suggested an outrageous response to this, but nobody dismissed it, either,” said Burlingame.

Burlingame said police officers have been briefed on the situation and will have photographs of the man who made the comment. Women’s Marches promoting gender equality are planned in the Wyoming communities of Cody, Casper, and Pinedale, as well as around the country this Saturday.