A wildlife continues to burn in the Medicine Bow National Forest

Jun 5, 2012

A wildfire near Wheatland in the Medicine Bow National Forest has grown to around a thousand acres.  High winds and terrain in the area have hampered firefighters in their efforts to contain it and they can’t come face to face with the blaze.  Because of this Forest Service Spokesman Aaron Voos said they are taking a different approach in dealing with it.

“What they are doing right now is trying to establish a larger perimeter and so they have picked out some ridges, they’ve take a good at the topography in the area and they’re trying to pick out a good spot where they can set up a perimeter and put in a fire line.  And once the fire actually gets to that spot they have a good chance of containing it. ”

Voos said wind has died down in the area after it caused the fire to grow on Monday.  He adds that no structures are currently under threat, but they are ready just in case.

“No, it’s actually in a really remote area.  There are some structures that are a ways away, kind of in the opposite direction from where the fire is headed.  There are a couple of ranches in the area, we do have volunteer fire departments from the county that are working on structure protection. ”

The fire is near Laramie Peak and 20 miles northwest of Wheatland.