UW Initiatives To Encourage Native Student Enrollment

Mar 24, 2017

James Trosper, Project Coordinator for the High Plains American Indian Research Institute.
Credit James Trosper

When University of Wyoming President Laurie Nichols was hired, Wyoming’s Native American community was encouraged to see she had a strong record of advocating for tribal students. Earlier this month, Nichols made a visit to Wind River Reservation to visit schools and talk to the business councils about several new initiatives to recruit kids there to attend UW.

James Trosper works for the High Plains American Indian Research Institute on campus and is collaborating with Nichols to make some of those dreams a reality. This week at the UW Board of Trustees meeting, Trosper presented plans for going forward on Nichol’s Native American student initiatives, including an American Indian Center and a summer institute on Wind River Reservation. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards sat down with Trosper to discuss the goals of Nichol’s recent trip.