Teton County gets fiber optic cables

Jun 4, 2013

Silver Star Communications has used federal stimulus money to add 120 miles of new fiber optic cable, which is benefiting businesses in Teton County.

Two federal grants paid 80 percent of the 15 million dollars it cost to run the cable over Teton and Togwotee Passes. But most consumers will have to pay to install the final leg to their homes or businesses. That could be expensive. But Silver Star’s Kim Billimoria says there is a potentially more affordable option on the horizon.

"We're in the process of working with some private developers, who are interested in developing commercial space that is fiber-ready. So for people, who are saying, 'How can I connect to the fiber?' One option soon is going to be, well there are office buildings there are commercial developments that are fiber ready. You move in and you have it and you get the capacity you need,” Billimoria said.

Silver Star is also encouraging tenants in existing buildings and subdivisions to consider joining forces to pool the cost of extending the fiber optic cable to their homes and businesses.