State looks at regulating uranium

May 15, 2013

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has started work on a study to determine the feasibility of regulating a larger share of uranium mining in the state.

Currently the industry is regulated by both federal and state agencies, which some operators say is burdensome, repetitive, and increases the time necessary to receive a permit. The legislature passed a bill this session commissioning the study about becoming what’s called an agreement state.

The DEQ has retained Thompson and Pugsley to assist with the report. Christopher Pugsley told a legislative committee that the report will be comprehensive.

“The scope will include all of the following: legal and regulatory information of dual jurisdiction, data and analyses of all aspects of agreement state programs. And really the most important one is the third one, which is an analysis of alternatives.”     

Pugsley expects a first draft to be ready by mid-July. The final study is due no later than December first.