State Board of Education looks for new Education Director

May 29, 2013

Today the Wyoming Board of Education begins the process of trying to find a Director of Education.  Board Chairman Ron Micheli said the board plans to interview a group of candidates this weekend and narrow the list to three by Saturday and submit that list to the governor for his consideration. 

The Director will be in charge of running the State Department of Education after Superintendent Cindy Hill’s duties were changed by the state legislature.  Micheli said that he’s looking for someone who will be a good fit for Wyoming.

 “Understands Wyoming, the uniqueness of Wyoming, and someone who is willing to come in and network with the people of Wyoming.  I think it’s really important that whoever comes in needs to be able to have buy-in from the education community and is willing to work with them and not try to reinvent the wheel.”

Micheli said that he is not looking for someone who wants to make a lot of changes.

“You know someone can certainly can come in with new ideas, I think even more important than that you are going to have to have somebody who is willing to work with Wyoming people to get buy in.  Wyoming people have a fiercely independent attitude and don’t usually take kindly to outsiders who come and start immediately telling them how rotten their system is or what needs to be changed.”

The governor has until December first to make a final selection, but Micheli said that they want to have someone chosen prior to the start of the school year.